The Windings of Ferson Creek

Windings Homeowners Association
About the Association
The Windings homeowners association is incorporated as a nonprofit organization to promote the safety and well being of the residents, and to improve property values. The association owns and maintains the recreational facilities and common grounds. The association membership consists of the 380 lot/homeowners in the community. It is managed by a nine member board of directors. Board members are elected by the membership for three year terms. Numerous additional functions such as Newsletter Editor, Swim Team Coordinator, Block Captains, and the many clubs and activities are organized and coordinated by resident volunteers. The board members, committee members, clubhouse and pool mgrs., newsletter editor, block captains, and the club & activity coordinators all serve as unpaid volunteers.

Annual Association Fees
The annual association fee of $300  is due and payable by March 1st. Statements are mailed to the lot owners in January and are payable to The Windings Homeowners Association (P.O. Box 1051, St. Charles, IL. 60174).   The annual association fee and basis may be increased provided that any such change shall have the assent of two-thirds of the membership votes cast in regard to the proposed changes.   The timely payment of dues is essential to maintain operating funds. Late payments received after April 1st. are assessed a $25.00 late fee and accrued interest charges (at 7% per annum rate)  from the due date. Failure to pay dues will result in suspension of privileges for the use of the Club and Pool.  Dues that are unpaid  past June 1st.  may result in liens placed against the property and legal fees.  If you are unable to pay the dues in full by June 1st  (due to extraordinary circumstances), you must contact the association treasurer for an approved payment plan to avoid  a property lien and legal fees.

Other Fees
.Clubhouse Rental:  A fee of $25.00 per day is charged to reserve the clubhouse. In addition a refundable deposit of $100.00 is required
.Architectural Review:  A submittal fee of $50.00 covers the normal architectural review process, including on-site meetings and inspections, and approvals.  Nominal fees are charged for specific activities such as swim team, swim lessons,  4th of July picnic, community garage sales,  club sponsored activities, and special events. Refer to those items for details.  The  association may (subject to approval of the membership),  levy a special assessment for capitol improvements or repair, . Any such special assessment requires approval by two-thirds of the membership voting on the issue and is in effect for that year only.

Budget & Assets
The homeowners association operates on a pre-approved yearly budget with specific spending limits for each category. The computerized Annual Budget is prepared by the Treasurer with input from the other officers and the committee chairpersons. The budget is approved by the board at the December meeting and is published in The Windings Newsletter. A Monthly Budget Report outlining expenditures to date is also published monthly in the Newsletter. A computerized record of all expenditures is maintained and reviewed on a monthly basis by the audit committee. See Budget & Assets.

Monthly Board Meetings
Meetings Schedule: The Windings Homeowners Association and Directors Meeting is held on the second Monday of each month, 7:30pm, at The Windings Clubhouse.  The Annual Association Meeting is held each January. All association members are encouraged to attend this meeting as well as the monthly meetings. Members are  afforded an opportunity to present comments or questions to the board, both before and after all board meetings. Members may also contact or submit written comments to any member of the board of directors. All comments will be reviewed by the board with appropriate follow-up. The Windings board is dedicated to open discussion and consideration of all input from the association membership.  Each meeting is conducted per an agenda distributed prior to the meeting.  A written treasurers report of the budget is presented, followed by individual verbal reports from each committee chairperson. New and old business (including questions/comments by homeowners) is discussed with appropriate motions and voting by the directors.  The Meeting Minutes are published in The Windings Newsletter each month

Board of Directors
The board is responsible for business management of the association and its facilities, and the enforcement of the rules and regulation. Board members serve as committee chairpersons assisted by other board members and resident volunteers.
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Annual Election of Directors & Terms of Service
The Board of Directors are elected by the association members via a secret ballot process as outlined in the by-laws. All Board members are elected to three (3) year terms starting at the annual meeting in January. There are nine (9) positions with three (3) each positions elected each year. Ballots and voting instructions are mailed to all lot-owners a minimum of 14 days prior to the election.  Note: All association members are eligible to run for a seat on the board. Interest parties should contact a member of the Nominations committee or any board member for information.

The Windings Newsletter 
The Association sponsors a monthly Newsletter which is mailed to all  members. The  newsletter editor is Charleen Miller, 42W264 Hidden Springs Dr., phone: 587-6383, email: .

Block Captains
The block captains are a volunteer group coordinated by the newsletter editor. The group assists the editor in collating  and delivering the newsletters as well as the Windings Directory.  They also serve as the welcoming committee for new residents, and gather information  on  residents for publication in the newsletter.The Windings is a planned “restricted” community. All development and building and all property usage is strictly controlled to insure the character and property values of the overall community and the peace and harmony of the residents
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Rules & Regulations
The Covenants and Restrictions, Bylaws, and Architectural Guidelines were created during the early development of The Windings to insure the residential character and prohibit activities which might negatively impact the quality of life and property values in The Windings. The Board is currently reviewing them with the intention of proposing future changes for clarification and to make them consistent with actual current conditions and issues.  All changes to the Covenants require a majority vote of the association membership and would be presented to the membership for comments and voting prior to adoption. The Bylaws and Architectural Guidelines may be revised, by a majority vote of the Board and/or appropriate committee. All changes are subject to the conditions of  the Covenants & Restrictions.
Miscellaneous Rules: The Association has adopted rules as necessary to control the use of the facilities.
   ..Clubhouse: (usage, rental, clean-up)
   ..Pool: (usage & safety)
   ..Tennis Courts: (usage)
   .. Park,: (usage, fires, sledding,)
   ..Trails & Common Grounds: (usage, motorized vehicles/snowmobiles)
  ..General Plan of Development for The Windings:  (historical document by developer)  Outlines the intent of the covenants and the “planned community” nature of the  development.