The Windings 
Social Activities & Clubs

   The Windings Homeowners Association (HOA)and resident volunteers have organized a wide variety of Annual Events, Sport Teams, and Club  or Group Activities for the enjoyment of the community. Association sponsored events and activities are planned under the direction of the social/recreation committee which is a standing committee under The Windings by-laws. Funds are budgeted each year to assist in the support of these programs. Additionally, many other clubs have evolved through the efforts and interests of the residents. Many are self supporting and governed by the members. All current events and activities are published in The Windings Newsletter. The broad range of activities and clubs available to our residents, is a testament to the community spirit which exists within The Windings of Ferson Creek.
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 ..New & Past Activities
  .New Activities: The Windings HOA social/recreation committee works hard to provide new recreation activities, throughout the year, for all age groups and interests. Many popular activities become annual events and new ideas are always welcome. If you have an idea or enjoyed a past activity and would like it considered for the future, please contact the Social Committee.
 Note: The social committee has listed some proposed new activities on a questionnaire published in the Feb. 00 Newsletter. Please complete the questionnaire and indicate your preferences.
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  .Past Activities:  A listing of previous activities organized by the social committee and individual groups.
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   ..Area Festivals & Events
    In addition to The Windings community activities and events, there are many outstanding festivals, events, and attractions in the local Fox River Valley  as well as the surrounding areas.
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