1.) Very Heavy Desk - Front in good shape back shows some wear 6'L x 3'W X 29.5"H

2.) credenza 1 of 3 - Best one out of the three, front has small hole for cordes 5'L x 20"W X 29"H

3.) Book Shelf and storage - Shelfs can be removed. Storage 90.5"L x 19"W X 29"H, Book Shelfs 29"L x 13"W X 47"H

4.) credenza 2 of 3 - Top has some staines, u can put something over it or re-stain just the top. 5'L x 20"W X 29"H

5.) credenza 3 of 3 - Top is stained, u can put something over it or restain just the top. 5'L x 20"W X 29"H

6.) Conference Table - In good shape 95.5"L x 43.5"W X 29"H

7.) Desk - 5'L x 30"W X 29"H

8.) Desk - 6'L x 3'W X 29.5"H

9.) 5 Stackable chairs

10.) 9 Office chairs - Some in good shape some not. Pretty heavy for a chair

11.) Sofa\bench - Does not decline, in very good shape

12.) Next 7 pics are of a cubicle set. They can be set up in any way. Many accessories like lights and such. Paid 4 grand for these used.

13.) Corner Desk - Middle pic: side has some scratches, rest in good shape. 6'L x 78"W x 29" H

14.) Another cubicle set. In good shape. 16.5'L x 10'W

15.) Desk 6'L x 3'W x 29"H

16.) Golden Tee - Works but not well, needs some repairs. Used lightly over the years.