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Things to do

We are in the middle of Amish Country.

In a 5 mile radius , we have antique shops, 3 restaurants, a cheese house, a locally grown vegetable and fruit market, bulk foods and craft shops. For some exercise, there is a nice play park in Winesburg; a water park with a putt-putt course; and the Wilderness Center which has nice walking trails through the wooded areas and also a Nature Center.


We are 10 miles from Berlin, Walnut Creek, Mt Hope and Kidron. These are towns where you will find antiques, crafts, furniture, bakeries, quilt shops, and old fashion hardware stores. In and about these towns you will find cheeses factories, touring Amish Farms, an exotic zoo, vegetable and fruit markets and flea markets. You are also able to take a guided tour of the area.

If you come to the area during the week, there are local auctions going on in a different town each day. The local farmers bring there excess grains, hay, straw and a variety of farm animals. On the outside of the Auction Barn there is the normal flea market. You will see a lot of local people at these auctions.

We are 15 miles from: numerous golf courses - driving ranges, an hour train ride and a museum of carved ivory ships.

We are 20 miles from Canton, New Philadelphia, Dover, and Wooster; these have movie theatres and chain restaurants.