Kathy McDonald
Artist and Designer
Children Rooms

While Kathy was designing in a Showhouse for a real-life three-year-old boy that would move back in, she also wanted the room to appeal to an older child's growing sensibilities. After consulting her own 12-year-old son, Kathy decided airplanes would be enticing to a toddler and technical enough to keep a preteen's interest.

"I researched vintage aircrafts, not wanting to involve any military themes. I know that boys get into all of that soon enough by themselves,"

She dressed the bed in fire-engine red and trafficlight green. The colors splashed onto the walls in a painted backdrop of bi-planes and tri-planes flying over a green landscape. Kathy embellished her own furniture designs with a "RedBaron" check-and-stripe motif.

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Kathy McDonald
St. Charles, IL.